Thousand Weddings

 she is an annual guide of 288 pages in a LUXURY edition that picks up all the services that you need for the day of your wedding.
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Marta perfume shop Gallant

Marta perfume shop Gallant

Marta Gallant offers to the fianc2ee, of the hand of the Guerlain institute, to shine an aspect of complexion and radiating maquillaje. It puts to his reach face treatments of matificante, revitalizante character, of firmness or hydration, among others, as well as (+información)

Kings Tabarés

Kings Tabarés

So that the day of your wedding you feel handsome and radiating, it is very important that you feel well with your image. Your make-up artist will help you to choose look that you want to shine in your day, considering your personal tastes and the styles that better (+información)

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