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 she is an annual guide of 288 pages in a LUXURY edition that picks up all the services that you need for the day of your wedding.
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Ovetus confectionery

Ovetus confectionery

In 1994 it was put in march one of the stores that, years later, would finish becoming reference of the national confectioner's, and in one of distinguishing seals of the city of Oviedo. Javier Fernandez Guaza, after 25 years of experience in (+información)

Rialto confectionery

Rialto confectionery

Year 1926 when D. Urban of the Desert inaugurated, in the street San Francisco of Oviedo ran, the Royalty restaurant-confectionery. But it would not be until October of the 36, when the establishment acquires its present name of Rialto. Its classic hall (+información)

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